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Barcelona Breaks

Barcelona brings jazz with the city’s jazz festival. The International festival – takes place from October to December with almost daily concerts at venues throughout the city. The jazz starts with a free open-air concert in the Placa de la Catedral, which each year draws thousands of fans from around Spain and Europe.

Jersey Breaks

Jersey is an island and the sea is never far away. Clear water and beaches surround some 45 miles of coastline – Jersey’s greatest natural treasure – and a comprehensive network of footpaths enables the visitor to walk the majority of the islands perimeter.
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Dublin Breaks

Ryanair operates regular flights from Stansted airport.
Dublin is a diverse vibrant city that oozes with style, culture and a sense of freedom. Dublin boasts a grand collection of over a thousand pubs but before quenching your thirst take some time to discover all that Dublin has to offer…

Rome City Breaks

As capital of the Roman Empire, the Papal States and Italy, Rome truly is the ” Eternal City”. One of the world’s most elegant capitals the layers of history and the city’s sheer excess of beauty can prove overwhelming to the unsuspecting visitor.

Malmo Breaks

Malmö is not only one of the top travel destinations in the world, it is also the commercial center of Sweden. An international city, Malmö has a greatly diversified 270,000 population belonging to 164 different nationalities and speaking more than a hundred languages.

Finland Late Breaks

Tampere, from Tammerfors (Swedish), is a city located in southern Finland specifically between the lakes Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi. Because of the 18-meter difference between the two lakes, the Tammerkoski rapids that links both lakes has served as a vital source of the city’s power throughout its history.

Stockholm City Breaks

Stockholm is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. Located on the east coast of Sweden, the Swedish capital is really a city of islands. The city is built on the fourteen islands in Lake Malaren that mark the start of a twenty-four-thousand-island archipelago.

Short Breaks in Rodez

If you are looking for a French destination that will offer you something more than just a tranquil sojourn, Rodez is the place for you. This very classy and somehow no-nonsense place gives you a classic fusion of the past and the present.

Short Breaks in Poitiers

Everybody has passed through the city of Poitiers. From the Black Prince of England to Joan of Arc, even Richard the Lionhearted has set foot in this ancient capital of Poitou. The city of Poitiers is filled with such history the place may as well be synonymous to the word itself.

Breaks in Pau France

Pau is nestled in the south western part of France in all its splendor and magnificent scenery. Topped with its rich history and culture, there is no question as to why Pau is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Europe.

Oslo City breaks

A county and municipality, Oslo, Norway’s capital and the center for national as well as international travel, is nestled at the top of Oslo Fjord.

Newcastle Breaks

Because of its strategic location at the North Coast of England between Scotland and Yorkshire, Newcastle, which is actually short for Newcastle upon Tyne, is developing into one of the most appealing tourist destinations in Britain

Leon Breaks

Lying at the southern part of the Etang de Leon, which is one of Landais lakes, Leon has good deal of surprises that never cease to amuse every traveler who wish to experience fun and excitement all within the citys limits.

Breaks in Lamezia Italy

In Catanzaro, a province in the suburbs of Italy, lies the city of Lamezia Terme. The town technically covers all of the country’s 500 km coastline from Reggio Calabria to Salermo.

Weekend Break in Haugesund Norway

Haugesund is both a city and a municipality situated in Rogaland, Norway. It is strategically positioned so much so that when one visits the town by sea, one is never going to get seasick. Amazingly, ships pass through Haugesund without that many problems at all.

Gothenburg Short Breaks

Both a municipality and a city in the province of Vastergotland located on the west coast of Sweden, Gothenburg is Sweden’s chief port, the country’s second-largest city, Scandinavia’s largest university city, and the gateway to northern Europe rolled into one.

Short Break in Brindisi Italy

A magnificent city of Puglia (in the Italian region), Brindisi is the capital of the Brindisi province.

Biarritz Breaks

Biarritz is a large town in the South West France that has several quarters. It is the most famous part of the Pays Basque, one of Cote Basque’s principal resorts. Let me take you down this laid back town;s rich history.  More

Tours Breaks

Most of the time though the city of Tours stands only as a good base for touring the magnificent chateaux of France. While the city itself may not have its own major chateaux to boast, Tours has still made its mark on the map for its food and wine and for the perfection its native language, French.

Perugia Breaks

Perugia’s City of Chocolate is dressed like a medieval hill town from its Gothic palaces to its jazz cafes all the way to the ancient alleys of stone that dropped sharply off a 19th century shopping promenade.

Newquay Weekend Breaks

Nestled in the northern Atlantic coast of Cornwall, England, Newquay has etched its name in the summer getaway must-visit list. Owing to its 11 golden sandy beaches spanning over 7 miles, what once was a small fishing village has now become a major tourist destination.

Breaks in Murcia

Wake up to the call of Murcia’s tranquil breeze. This is a picturesque city in southeastern Spain. It is supposedly a municipality perched by the river Segura. The capital of the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia, the city is home to 409,810 permanent residents.

Munich Breaks

Practically everyone has heard of Munich—the Athens on the Isar, the German Silicon Valley, Little Paris or maybe more significantly, the Secret Capital of Germany.

Breaks in Marseille

Dubbed as France’s New Orleans, the city is the crossroads of world traffic and is agreeably called the meeting place of the entire world. The city of Marseille is ancient, founded by the Greeks that came to France all the way from the city Phocaea in the 6th century B.C. The city of Marseille has seen its own numbers of wars and destruction with trade as it underlying principle, Marseille was soon back to its feet as France’s second largest city and the country’s premier port.

Hamburg Breaks

If the hamburger has made its way into your regular diet, then you must be familiar with the city that it was supposedly named after – Hamburg, Germany. It is therefore not just any coincidence that the citizens of Hamburg are called Hamburgers..

Genoa Breaks, italy

Genoa is a dizzying mix of the past and the present. An important maritime center for the Roman Empire, Genoa is a city of two faces, looking both inland and towards the sea.

Derry Breaks, Ireland

In the mood for a true-blue Irish getaway– visit Derry!

Derry, officially named Londonderry, is one of Ireland’s oldest inhabited places and one of Europe’s few remaining walled cities. The population is approximately 107,000, as of the Census in 2001.


Breaks in Carcassonne

Carcassonne evokes thoughts of bold nights, fair damsels and troubadours—truly an enticing travel destination.

Enchanting and romantic, Carcassonne is a fine example of a fortified town. The city is Europe’s greatest fortress city that emerges against a setting of snow-capped Pyrenees.


Bremen Breaks

Bremen; a Hanseatic metropolitan city in northwestern Germany is another great travel destination. Its official German name is Stadtgemeinde Bremen. A port city, positioned along the river Weser, about 50 kilometers south from its outflow into the North Sea, Bremen is one of two towns in the state of Bremen, the other being Bremerhaven; and as of June 2005, it has a total population of 545,983.

Bordeaux Breaks

Bordeaux is the world’s wine capital. The city draws many visitors worldwide to sample the famous Bordeaux wine which has been produced since the 8th century. Situated on the Garonne River, Bordeaux is the capital of Aquitaine and France’s fifth largest city. If you want an intoxicating sojourn, this is the place for you.

Breaks in Bilbao, Spain

Want a historic city for a vacation getaway? Tired of the usual sea-and-sun holidays? Come experience Bilbao!

Bilbao is the perfect escape for a person such as you. The city, sometimes referred to as Bilbo, is perched at the northern part of Spain. It is the biggest city in the Basque Country and the provincial capital of Biscay (Basque: Bizkaia).

Sicilian City of Trapani

The Sicilian City of Trapani is located on the western coast of Italy. Specifically, it rests on a very favorable location, facing the fabulous Mediterranean Sea. This fishing city is said to be founded by ancient Greeks to serve as a gateway to Erice and the more well-known islands of Egadi. A big part of Trapani City’s living depends on the sea. Major industries include canning and fishing. Top export products include wine, marble, and rock salt.

Breaks in Shannon, Ireland

Ryanair operates flights from Stansted.
Adventure-seeking people wishing to discover Europe can find it perfectly here in the beautiful Shannon region. This part of Ireland also showcases Ireland’s dramatic past, which can truly fascinate anyone who are willing to discover.

Breaks in Porto

Ryanair operates flights from Stansted to Porto.
The industrial city of Porto is Portugal’s second largest. This metropolitan city is also the center of commerce in Portugal. With a population of more or less 1.8 million, Porto sits on the Portuguese hills, overlooking the river estuary of Douro. In addition, the city of Porto has also been declared as a World Heritage Site for almost a decade now.

Nantes Breaks France

On the west portion of France, just a short distance away from the coast of Atlantic, lies the metropolitan city of Nantes. It is located on the region of Pays de la Loire in the historical place of Britanny.

Breaks in Faro, Portugal

Ryanair operates flights from Stansted to Porto.
Faro City in Portugal is the ultimate summer destination for beach lovers from Europe and United Kingdom. This city is a famous destination for summer-loving individuals because of its beautiful, pristine beaches. All year round, endless parties by the beach are organized by swimmers, wahines, and various water-loving people.

Dinard, Breaks France

Dinard was a renowned spot with the British in Edwardian times while parking itself atop a rock-strewn cliff above the Rance opposite St. Malo. The refreshing sea air and a leisurely walk along the esplanade still invites people to drop by and spend a minute or two. The Victorian buildings are located just along the seafront, which gives the impression that the town still keeps hold of its graceful and demure old world character.

Breaks in Cork, Ireland

Ryanair operates flights from Stansted to Cork.
There are a lot of reason why one should visit Cork. With its rich geographical features farmlands, river, valleys, wild sandstone hill, and great bays facing the Atlantic among others, one can’t simply overlook the beauty of nature that Cork has to offer plus the added hospitality of the Irish locals.

Brest Breaks Brittany

Brest is the second-largest town in Brittany and is recognized in equal measure for its Breton character, scenery, craggy coastline, beautiful beaches aplenty, and delicious seafood. The town also has one of Europe’s best natural harbors and tremendous base for activity-based breaks.

Trieste Breaks Italy

Trieste is a place of myth and legend. It was once Central Europe’s capital of literature and music. It is populated by an ethnic mix of its neighboring regions.

Split Breaks Croatia

Split, the largest and the most frequented city in Southern Croatia, lies on the east coast of the Adriatic Sea. The city sits on a peninsula between the Split Channel and the Kastela gulf.

Breaks in Rimini

Ryanair operates flights from Stansted to Rimini
Rimini has become a popular tourist destination not only because of its desirable climate and seaside location, but also because its sceneries reflect thousands of years of human achievement. Not an easy feat, that is why, Rimini is undoubtedly deserving of its place in the world’s must-go places.

Breaks in Pescara Italy

Pescara is a modern city located on the site of the ancient town of Amiternum. Pescara was the landing place of the Italic people of the Imperial age and was the main port of the region. In the twelfth century Pescara was a thriving place, until its prosperity was damaged by the Norman wars.

Breaks in Palermo Italy

Palermo is the capital city of Sicily, an autonomous region in Italy. Famous for its fine, natural harbor, it is reportedly the most conquered city in the whole world. With that, one could bet that the city is a melting pot of history and culture too.

Breaks in La Rochelle

La Rochelle was formerly known as the French Geneva. It began as a small fishing village, grew up to be the stronghold of the Huguenots then turned into a historic port and an ancient sailor’s city.

Breaks in Krakow

Krakow is a city in the beautiful country of Poland that makes a nice place to travel to, and an even better abode to live in. Recently, Krakow’s tourists and visitors have been notably increasing, especially after Poland joined the European Union.

Breaks in Kerry, Ireland

If you are longing for that perfect place that offers breathtaking scenery, beautiful beaches and rolling uplands, the Irish county of Kerry is the place for you.

Deauville Breaks France

Deauville of France is branded as the queen of Norman beaches because of its marinas, harbor, conference centers, racecourse, Grand Casino, sumptuous hotels, and villas. This wonders of the city draw a horde of tourists which will not come only once but for a couple more times.

Bristol Breaks

Bristol has a lot to offer as a tourist destination as well as an excellent base in exploring the West Country. The up and coming domination of urbanization and a touch of being a historic English county and city combination makes this side of the world worth appreciating.

Bari Breaks Italy

Bari is the capital of the Apulia (or Puglia) region of Italy. The city is considered as one of the top commercial and industrial leaders in Italy. In fact, people have come to know Bari as ‘California of the South’ due to its relatively amazing growth and leadership compared to other areas in the region.

Breaks in Ancona

Ancona is located in central Italy, on the Adriatic coast. The charming port town is situated on two hills surrounding a harbor.

Breaks in Alghero, Italy

If you’re looking to spend your weekend exploring wonderful caves or discovering a land of lush green pastures and Mediterranean scents, Alghero, Italy is the best place for you.

Turin Breaks

Said to be the most French city in Italy or the most Italian city in France, Turin offers you the best of both of countries historically and architecturally.

Manchester Breaks

A major city in Northwest England, Manchester is considered by some as England’s second city. This metropolitan borough is noted to be a center of the arts and media and is well-known all throughout for its sporting connections, being home to Manchester City and Manchester United football clubs as well as the Lancashire County Cricket Club.

Breaks in Liverpool, United Kingdom

With new hotels, two cathedrals, shopping and entertainment complexes and parks, Liverpool has become a favorite tourist hot spot especially since Liverpool is where Beatlemania made its baby steps.

Breaks in Leeds

When it comes to tourism, Leeds has certainly collected a whole lot of accolades. This major city in the northern English county of Yorkshire has been voted by Conde Nast Traveller magazine Readers Awards as the UK’s favorite city. The Good Britain Guide has even dubbed the city of Leeds as the Visitor City of the Year. One trip to Leeds and you will see why.

Inverness Breaks, Scotland

Inverness, the capital of the Highlands– a royal burgh and seaport at the northernmost part of Great Glen on both sides of the Ness River. As one of the oldest inhabited sites in Scotland, Inverness does not offer much historical sites but it does make a good base for touring.

Breaks in Glasgow, Scotland

While Glasgow and Edinburgh share the same title as the principal cities of Scotland, the former has not been enjoying the same limelight as the latter. Glasgow remains quiet and mysterious. You would think that this place does not have anything to offer. However, one visit to Glasgow and you will definitely realize, in the very same instant that your feet touch its grounds, that there’s more to this seemingly shy city than meets the eye.

Breaks in Fez, Morocco

Fez is a traditional city known for its narrow streets and its merchants of silver and armaments and traditional clothes as kaftans and djelaba. If you’re looking for the place to breathe and walk “exotic” then this should be your next to-go-to place.

Breaks in Bologna, Italy

Bologna is one of the most overlooked jewels in Italy. People are more inclined to visit Italy’s Venice and Florence but fail to look between these popular cities. However, what most people fail to realise is that Bologna is just as beautiful in its own right being one of the most architecturally unified cities in Europe with buildings the color of sienna, marbled sidewalks and porticoes making a truly remarkable scene

Birmingham Breaks

Birmingham – England&’s second largest city is the cradle of the Industrial Revolution. It is where James Watt and other 18th century Lunar Society “lunatics” converged under the approving full moon to roll out and instigate the revolution that forced and egged England and the whole world into a new era, the modern times.

Breaks in Belfast Ireland

Belfast is a city and seaport in eastern Northern Ireland which is known for its shipbuilding and linen production. It’s located right along the Lagan River at the head of Belfast Lough. Belfast is not the dainty Irish maiden but it’s a gorgeous and enchanting spitfire with its lush rolling green hills and fields. It is pretty picturesque for a place that is practically associated with something as masculine as ships and the marina.

Breaks in Warsaw, Poland

Situated by the Vistula River, Warsaw is the capital city of Poland and the largest in the country. With a population of around 1.7 million, the city is currently prospering and revelling in an economic rebirth.

Breaks in Geneva, Switzerland

Beautiful Geneva could easily be mistaken for the International capital of the world given the influence it has on the global community. Situated where the Rhone River joins Lake Geneva, the city is bustling with upper class activity. A whole 38% of the population is made up of foreigners, and the standard of life enjoyed is second only to Zurich.

Breaks in Tenerife Spain

The Spanish island of Tenerife was formed over 3.5 million years ago as the result of a volcanic blast. It’s one of the seven Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean, and a traditionally popular tourist destination in the Mediterranean.

Breaks in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in Europe, and the world’s only sovereign Grand Duchy. It has a population of around 450,000 and sits between the borders of Belgium, Germany and France.

Breaks in Istanbul Turkey

Istanbul is the economic heart of Turkey, and the only city in the world to be situated on two continents. The vast region ” second largest city in Europe ” can be located in both European and Asian territory making it the principle border state between the two cultures.

Breaks in Valencia, Spain

Based on the coastline and looking out on to a significant port, Valencia is the much loved third city of Spain.

Breaks in Alicante

Alicante is one of the most picturesque cities in the whole of Spain, and it also happens to be the fastest growing.

London City Breaks

The choice on offer in London often leaves many unsure what to do on a city break, but a new poll has revealed what Londoners would do. The survey by the Londonpaper revealed that a third of Londoners would recommend a trip on the London Eye to someone who has never visited the capital.

Marrakech City Breaks

Marrakech is one of the most bewildering cities in the world, famed for mysticism and spiritualism quite unlike anything you’d expect to find on European shores. Situated in North Africa, and a key city in the Moroccan landscape, it doesn’t take long after entering the cauldron of humidity to work out that you’ve landed on a different continent.

Breaks in Vienna

Vienna is a city famed for its old fashioned blend of musical inspiration and modernised living. The capital of Austria, and by far the biggest city in the country, it comes as no surprise to learn that Vienna is where you will find the hub of political and economic activity for the south-eastern European country.

Breaks in Naples Italy

Sat beneath Mount Vesuvius you’ll find the ancient and highly controversial city of Naples. So often fraught with scandals and mafia involvement in the past, it seems that Naples is finally coming to terms with the dark side and addressing its prominent cultural influence instead.

Breaks in Monaco, France

Monaco, The world’s second smallest independent country and by far the most densely populated. With just over 30,000 citizens crammed in to a microstate of just two square kilometres, it’s a wonder that Monaco can even make room for the upper class tourists which provides much of its income.

Breaks in Milan, Italy

The northern Italian city of Milan is one of the most important destinations in the European landscape of culture.

Malta Breaks

The Republic of Malta sits in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea as a group of seven islands. It represents the smallest country in the European Union, with an incredibly dense population of over 400,000.

Breaks in Malaga Spain

One of Spain’s most prominent coastal cities, Malaga is slowly growing in popularity with a quiet historical charm to draw travellers away from the more traditional Spanish resorts.

Breaks in Mahon Minorca

Capital city of Minorca and based in the Balearic Islands, Mahon is a traditional tourist destination for thousands every single year.

Ibiza Breaks

For those with a taste for the wild nightlife, there aren’t too many destinations that can compare to Ibiza for sheer party atmospheres. Owned by Spain, and one of the Balearic Islands, it’s a hugely popular summer location for young adults with a prominent blend of House and Trance music taking centre stage…

Breaks in Helsinki Finland

What was once no more than a struggling coastal town is now the heart of Finland, not to mention, the largest city in the country. Helsinki has certainly developed over the years.

Florence City Breaks

A historical city bedded on the Arno River, Florence is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole of Italy. A brisk stroll through the heart of the city will reveal a cultured metropolis of different nationalities and social backgrounds. The city thrives on the influx of tourist parties and with such a versatile list of attractions, it’s no wonder why.

Edinburgh Breaks

Capital of Scotland and the centrepiece in its cultural history, Edinburgh is a tremendously diverse city home to many festivals and some 400,000 natives.

Copenhagen City Breaks

Copenhagen is a city famous for its tradition, and widely considered to be one of the most popular destinations in Scandinavia.

Cologne City Breaks

Sleeping on the River Rhine, Cologne is Germany’s oldest city and one of the most world-weary in Europe with a history dating back to the Romans in the first century. With a population close to two million, the city is the fourth largest in Germany. It is also the typical heartland for much of the nation’s cultural pride and glory.

Bucharest City Breaks

Bucharest, found by the Dmbovia River, is the capital city of Romania and home to over two million people.

Berlin City Breaks

The capital of Germany and an immensely powerful force in the world of European politics, Berlin has shared a history with global affairs to match the influence of any other nation in the world…

Jersey In Autumn

As autumn draws in many turn to Jersey as a destination to recharge their batteries and prepare for Christmas with a late break.

In October and November, there are a number of events to enjoy or visitors can just take in the island’s history, restaurants and nature which mix the best of Britain and France.


Guernsey Breaks

Guernsey’s Islands make for a holiday of adventure with each island possessing it’s own character and charm. Stunning coastlines, magical bays and tranquil harbours, a wonderful place to enjoy excellent cuisine and fine wine on a relaxing holiday you will never forget.

Dublin Weekend Breaks

Dublin in recent years has undoubtedly become one of the most popular places in Europe to visit or stay in and with good reason. The reasons why people come here are endless and the possibilities for enjoying oneself here are many. Dublin is Ireland’s capital city (Belfast and Cork are the island’s other two major cities) and since its beginning around 988AD it has accommodated many diverse nationalities from the Vikings to the English invaders to the sailors, traders and writers who settled and lived here over the centuries…

San Francisco City Breaks

Shopping in San Francisco just got better with the opening of a new Bloomingdale’s.

The store is the largest Bloomingdale’s outside New York and continues the mission started by Lyman and Joseph Bloomingdale in the 1860s of bringing European fashion to the US, although the new store will bring New York chic to California as well.

Orlando Vacations

In the heart of Florida Orlando is America’s theme park. More people visit here than any other city in the United States and it is easy to believe when you see the crowds that flock to the attractions of the city’s major theme parks.

Madrid City Breaks

As the capital of the Spanish Empire, Madrid was once the richest and most powerful city in the world. That kind of past leaves a big impression on a place and in Madrid it is easy to see. For palaces, museums and concerts it is up there with the best in the world.

Los Angeles City Breaks

Los Angeles, the city of Angels, is an incredibly diverse space that defies a single definition, but when you consider it spans over a thousand square miles that’s not particularly surprising.

Athens City Breaks

Without the Greeks, there would be no Western civilisation. Huge parts of the knowledge we take for granted today are thanks to the ancient civilisation founded in this small corner of the Mediterranean 3,000 years ago. It is no understatement: Athens is where the modern world was born.

Nice City Breaks

Nice, the capital of the French Riviera and a glittering jewel of the Cote d’Azur, certainly lives up to the English meaning of its name – a more perfect location would be hard to find anywhere in the world. The warm southern French sun is exquisite, the sea really is an exquisite shade of blue, and the city seems to be exclusively populated by beautiful people.

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Venice Breaks

In the rich cultures of Europe and celebrated cities of Italy, few places capture the imagination as much as Venice. Its fabled canalled thoroughfares and gilded palaces create a magical place of beguiling beauty.

Prague City Breaks

The capital of the Czech Republic, is our most valuable historical city reserve. In 1992 the historical core of the city covering 866 hectares was listed in the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage Register.

Prague is one of the nine cities awarded by the European Community the title of European City of Culture for the year 2000.


Paris City Breaks

Paris is confident that it’s the world’s most beautiful, fashionable and artistic capital. Visit just once and it’s hard to disagree. Visit Paris, France for a Short weekend Break.

New York City Breaks

Visit New York – and see the world! Nowhere else offers such diversity in such a compact and exciting way; and no other city has the energy and arrogance to make it work so well.

Lisbon Breaks

Once at the heart of the greatest seafaring nation in the world, Lisbon nowadays still has an air of majesty that transcends time.

Budapest Breaks

Budapest is a city of differences and contrasts. East and West clash more stridently here than they do in the other perennially popular culture-border town of Prague.

Breaks in Brussels

Often an outside choice on many people’s European itineraries, Brussels can prove to be the highlight of a continental tour. A surprising richness of architecture and culture catches out people expecting Belgium’s capital city to be overrun by dusty politicians.

Bangkok Breaks

To the Thais, Bangkok is “Krung Thep” – City of Angels. While there is little angelic about this frenetic, vibrant city, there is certainly a heavenly combination of flavours, sights and experiences that seduces everyone who visits here.

Amsterda City Breaks

There are as many reasons to travel to Amsterdam as there are people who go. Capital of the Netherlands, and one of Europe’s most vibrant and varied cities, Amsterdam offers an unparalleled combination of high culture and decadence.

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Bournemouth Breaks

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Bruges City Breaks

One of Europe’s grandest exporters of chocolate and luxury cuisine, Bruges has a rich history as one of Belgium’s most popular destinations. Known as The Venice of the North, many have fallen in love with its subtle architecture and medieval delights.


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Kas Turkey

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kalamar bay breaks

Kalamar Bay is the hidden gem in the Turkish Riviera,
Including the lovely village of Kalkan, which has a picturesque harbour particularly at night.


killarney breaks

Killarney is in County Kerry, the southwestern of Ireland on the shore of Lough Leane part of Killarney National Park, and is home to St Mary’s Cathedral, Ross Castle, Muckross House and Abbey, the Lakes of Killarney, MacGillycuddy’s Reeks, Purple Mountain, Mangerton Mountain, the Gap of Dunloe. Its natural heritage, history and location on the Ring of Kerry make Killarney a popular tourist destination.


limerick breaks

Ireland’s third largest city was founded by the Vikings in 812. Limerick City is dotted with picturesque towns and villages, such as Castleconnell on the banks of the Shannon and Adare, with its old world thatched cottages and medieval churches. Once you are in Limerick you can enjoy a relaxing cruise on the Shannon, go horse-riding or out coarse angling.

bournemouth latebreaks

Bournemouth is famous for its coastline that runs from Christchurch to the start of Sandbanks some 7 miles of safe beaches which are often awarded blue flag status, the beaches are ideal for families.

hotels in nottingham uk

Nottingham is situated in heart of central England (East Midlands Region) and is famous for the character Robin Hood.

The city is not an old city in fact one of the youngest it has Nottingham Castle, an excellent Museum and Art Gallery, rebuilt many times since the medieval era.

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