Online business and leisure bookings have reached such a level that it is now critical that your establishment has an online presence.

The travel industry has shown the highest percentage of online payments in relation to all sales than any other industry.

Over 40% of travel sales and bookings are expected to occur online through either desktop or mobile devices during the next five years.

Booking Engine.
With so much traffic a website is essential, preferably with an online booking engine to take full advantage of “DIRECT DOOKINGS”.

The online booking engine enables guests to book directly through the hotel website, allowing the hotel to earn revenues without paying third party COMMISIONS.

Customers that book direct allow you to build LOYALTY programs, by controlling the booking system you also have the ability to directly offer upgrades and potentially up sell guests to increase online revenues.

Independent property owners can now no longer ignore the need for an integrated online booking engine to sell more direct room nights, many guests believe if they form a direct relationship and cut out “the middle man” there is likelihood that they’ll get a better deal.

Balance your bookings.
It would be great to have the majority of reservations direct – but in the real world you will need to balance direct business along with reservations from third party OTA channels.

Re-evaluate the business.
The COVID-19 pandemic has put the world of travel on hold and given us all cause to re-evaluate the impact on how we need to run our businesses.

When the entire travel industry comes to an abrupt stop, marketing is often among the first expenses to be cut, as it’s not considered critical spending and it doesn’t make sense to promote travel when nobody is allowed to travel.

Nearly 90% of travel marketers have slashed their marketing budgets due to COVID-19.

How far do you cut your marketing budget?
Budget cuts without having an optimised strategy is a risk of losing marketing opportunities by not keeping up with consumer needs and shifting behaviour in the short term, to eventually falling behind in market share and revenue when the economy bounces back. has been using these moments in time to look back on past crises and draw upon the lessons learnt over the past 24 years working with the public and online hotel reservations.

From our early days of running tourist information desks to developing reservations systems one thing the consumer has always had in mind is that they would get a better deal if they could BOOK DIRECT with the hotel

We have also noticed a shift with hotels offering BOOK DIRECT incentives on the hotels official website.

How can you generate more direct bookings?

Take a look at our new design and the “opportunities” available to generate “DIRECT BOOKINGS” via our Latebreaks Network of websites.

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Each City, Town or destination on our Network of sites will be offering prominent positions for your property to be displayed including DIRECT LINKS to your website.

Latebreaks is offering a complimentary evaluation period to establishments offering incentives for “DIRECT BOOKINGS”.

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