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NOTES FROM ARCHIVES. ( approx 1997-2006 ) About latebreaks & Ryanair

LATEST NEWS: Ryanair opens new route from Bournemouth to Shannon: Check Ryanair flights

Ryanair has grown from its beginnings in 1985 and its first route between Waterford and Gatwick with a 15-seater aeroplane to Europe’s largest low fares carrier.

Today it carries around 38 million passengers each year and it offers 410 routes across 24 European countries and it is still growing with September seeing the airline announce a huge number of new services.

In August, the airline become the first ever carrier to fly more than four  million passengers in a single month and in September the firm built on this to bring in a great number of new routes.

Ryanair announced a massive expansion of its operations from Barcelona with 17 new routes opening in March.

New UK destinations flying to Barcelona will be Teesside, Bristol and Newcastle, while other destinations include Marrakech, Faro on the Algarve, Oslo and the beautiful Italian city of Pescara.

This winter Ryanair is to introduce 18 new routes from Dublin, with Madrid, Tampere in Finland, Rzeszow in Poland and Alghero in Sardinia being opened up as new destinations.

The airline will also establish a second German base at Bremen, with flights from April heading to nine new routes, with London, Venice, Murcia and Pisa on the list as new destinations.

Also in September, three new routes from Malta International Airport – Luton, Pisa and Dublin – were established.

Finally at the beginning of September three new services to Pisa and flights from Stansted to Perugia were announced.

Ryanair, One of if not Europe’s largest cheapseats airline, has announced a new route from Bournemouth airport to Shannon in Ireland. The fares will start from £2.49* Yep, cheapseats.

The start date has been announced as the 31st October 2006 and will bring the total number of routes served by Ryanair from Bournemouth to five. Ryanair first started flying from Bournemouth in May 1996 and Latebreaks has been providing information at Bournemouth airport since then assisting over 1.6 million passengers.

When Ryanair took off
Ryanair started in 1985 and had the IPO in 1997 when they floated Ryanair Holdings plc on Dublin and New York (NASDAQ) Stock exchanges. They listed on the United Kingdom a year later. Ryanair joined the NASDAQ Top 100 in December 2002, reflecting the phenomenal increase of Ryanair’s value and the commitment of its 1,800 staff.

Where they are going
Ryanair are aiming to be the Europe’s largest airline in the next 8 years.

How they are planning to get there
Low Fares and friendly, efficient cheapflights service – that’s the way. And how do they do it?. Cheap flights and superb cost management. Landing in airports that don’t rip you off. Free seats and no frills on your flight — but they will sell you food, drink and gifts. Punchy advertising that sometimes gets them in trouble. Their cheap flights take on the High Fares guys when they try to block their routes and airport management when they want to charge too much.

What they have done so far
Over the past ten years they have increased their annual traffic from under 700,000 to over 15 million passengers. Along the way they changed the face of air travel, broke hire fare cartels, rocked airport monopolies and made it possible for millions to travel. They deserve all they have achieved, tourism is going through a bad patch and desperately need cheep flights.

Milestones, Millstones and Monopolies
Milestones for Ryanair, millstones for their competitors and monopolies that needed to be broken. If only they taught history like this at school.

1985 – Ryanair started with a 15 seater turbo prop going from the south east of Ireland (Waterford) to London-Gatwick. Today, the plane wouldn’t big enough to carry the Ryanair management team around.

1986 – Inspired by the story David and Goliath, Ryanair go after the big guys for a slice of the action and end up smashing the high-fare cartel on the Dublin-London route. With two routes under their belts they carry 82,000 passengers in the year. Of course, Ryanair had to buy two more turbo prop BA 768 planes to do it.

1990/91 – Ryanair have always been pretty good at getting the passengers onto their planes but not so hot on managing costs. Ryanair airlines we’re losing money, so a new management team was brought in to sort it out. Ryanair re-launched as a “low fares / no frills” airline, closely modelling the Southwest Airlines model in the US selling cheap flights. The rest is pretty much history.

1995 – Happy 10th Birthday. Ryanair had plenty to celebrate. By now, they were the biggest passenger carrier on Dublin-London route, the largest Irish airline on every route they operated by handling 2.25 million passengers in the year.

1997 –This is the year the EU fully deregulated the air business, enabling Ryanair to open new routes to Continental Europe. They launched services to Stockholm, Oslo, Paris and Brussels. And they took time out to float Ryanair plc on Dublin and NASDAQ Stock exchanges.

1998 – Forget your fifteen-seater turbo props. This year they put in a US$2billion order for up 45 new Boeing 737-800 series aircraft. Ryanair were voted Airline of the Year by the Irish Transport Users Committee and voted Best Managed National Airline by International Aviation Week magazine. Over the next few years they had to get used to these awards, however they stuck with a cheapflights cost focus.

2000 – Well, if there was anyone going to make money out of a dot com business, who better than Ryanair? After much deliberation, and watching others burn up money, they jumped onto the internet with the launch of our new online booking site: ryanair.com. Within three months the site is taking over 50,000 bookings a week.

2001 – It’s the first birthday for ryanair.com and again something to celebrate. Their new baby now accounts for 75% of overall bookings. they also start operations in a European base in Brussels Charleroi.

2002 – Ryanair open Frankfurt-Hahn as their second continental European base and announce a long-term partnership with Boeing which will see them acquiring up to 150 new Boeing 737-800 series aircraft over an eight year period from 2002 to 2010. Today the web accounts for 94% of their bookings – probably something to do with opening another 26 routes this year.

2003 – Ryanair is characterised by rapid expansion. They start the year by announcing they have ordered an additional 100 new Boeing 737-800 series aircraft to facilitate the rapid European growth plans. Ryanair acquired Buzz from KLM in April and relaunched 13 buzz routes in May. In February they open their first base in Italy at Milan-Bergamo, and in April they launch a Stockholm Skavsta base in Sweden, with six new European routes. In all 60 new routes are added throughout 2003 to bring a total of 127 routes.

2004 – Ryanair are named the most popular airline on the web for 2003 by Google. They launch their 10th and 11th bases in Rome Ciampino and Barcelona Girona, and continue to add more routes to an already extensive network. In February Ryanair passed out British Airways to become the UK’s favourite airline in UK/Europe.

2005- Ryanair go from strength to strength with record profits.

Ryanair now has 11 bases and 149 routes that cover 84 destinations across 16 European countries.
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